Please submit the article using the " Manuscript Submission" link.

In the file containing the body of the article please give just the text title, DO NOT give the author’s surname (due to the anonymous mode of review preparation).  

An information about the author(s), an abstract and a list of key-words will be attached separately.   

Articles are to be prepared according to the following guidelines:

- text editor: Word

- text font: Times New Roman 12

- margins: left 3.5 cm; right 1.5 cm; top and bottom 2.5 cm

- parenthetical referencing, 

- a list of references at the end of the article

Parentheses should contain the surname of the author of the cited or mentioned publication as well as the date of the publication. In the case of citing please give the page number after the colon, e.g. (Nowak 2000:30). If the publication has more than three authors please give the first surname with an annotation “et al.”, e.g. (Nowak at al. 2000). Please include all surnames of the authors in the reference section.  

NOTE! In parentheses we do not use “ibid”. In such cases we repeat the reference in parentheses.

NOTE! References should contain all publications that appeared in parentheses.


- book

Surname N., 2000, Title of the book, Place of publishing, Publishing House (full name).

- book in translation

Surname N., 2000, Title of the book, transl. by: N. Translator’s surname, Place of publishing, Publishing House (full name).

- article in collective monograph edited by

Surname N., 2000, Title of the book, [in:] Title of the monograph, ed. N. Editor’s surname, Place of publishing, Publishing House (full name).

- journal article

Surname N., 2000, Title of the article, “Title of the magazine”, no 10.

- article in daily press

Surname N., 2000, Title of the article, “Title of the newspaper”, no 10, date.

- When using internet sources please give the access date in brackets, e.g.

www. (access: 01.10.2012).


Preparing illustrations for the text:

Images should have resolution of min. 300 dpi. In case of using photographs, graphics or other materials which could be protected by copyright, you must submit a permission for their use in the publication to the Editors.


Reviewing procedure:

Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica is a reviewed journal.

Editors use a double-blind review procedure, where reviewers and authors do not know each other's identity.

After a preliminary internal review, articles are sent to external reviewers, who are subject specialists.

In case of lack of consensus between the two reviewers concerning publication permission, editors summon a third reviewer.

After receiving a filled review form, the included notes are sent to the author of the article.

When the article is granted publication permission, the authors are asked to include the reviewers’ corrections, and comment on the review in writing.

If the author does not agree with some of the corrections, their justification is consulted with the reviewer who has proposed them. In justified cases a third reviewer could be asked for consultation.

The final decision is taken by the editorial team.

A list of reviewers cooperating with the journal is published on our website.

Reviews have a written form, the originals are stored in the archives.


To counteract “ghostwriting”  and “guest authorship” we ask authors to:

- reveal their contribution to the article and the institutional affiliation of all authors who participate in the publication  

- indicate information about the sources found for submitted publication, contribution of scientific and research institution, or other institutions

- sign a declaration of copyright which will be sent to those authors whose articles are accepted

Any indication of plagiarism, or braking conditions of copyright, will be exposed by the editorial team to the institutions involved.