Call for Papers: „What happens in a flat? What happens to a flat?” 2017-03-07

 editor: Maciej Brosz

Due to a continuous action and practically endless creativity of dwellers in the act of creation of the dwelling space, the questions raised above remains valid. The activities and practices connected to the dwelling situation, constitute themselves good basis for interpretation, but also can be used as the basis for analysis of the more general social phenomena and processes. The formula of the current issue is focusing on what happens in living spaces and other places utilized by people. Or maybe it’s just about the opposite – “places creating and processing people”, like prisons, hospitals and other institutions? Beside the dwellers activities there can be another entities co-creating and influencing the situation of being in a place, or appropriating it completely. We propose the following areas of inquiry: housing and dwelling, being in a place, space consumption patterns, housing practices, use and creation of space – its idiom or discourse. We would like to invite you to prepare an article covering various ranges of the topic: theoretical analysis, reports from field research, discussions and approaches of methodological issues and basic conceptual assumptions.------------ Submission deadline: January 1st, 2018.