RETHINKING GENDER, RETHINKING MIGRATION: Statistical trends and law regulations
of Japanese marriage

Barbara Jelonek 1
1 - Uniwersytet Wrocławski
2016; 17 (3):
ICID: 1231709
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 3.00
Abstract provided by Publisher
This article will endeavor to examine the process of Japanese marriage through the prism
of its law regulations and various requirements, all of which are intrinsic to the formation
of a marriage partnership. This will include a range of trends within the sphere of marriage
and divorce, numerous examples of documents pertinent and relating to the institution
of marriage, as well as several sociological and economic theories of future trends in
marriage. The article is based on high quality multiple data sources taken from Japanese
census reports, relevantly social statistics and nationally representative large-scale surveys
such as the Statistical Handbook of Japan, the Japanese National Fertility Survey and Vital
Statistics of Japan (2015), with scientific commentary from fellow researchers in the field.

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