RETHINKING GENDER, RETHINKING MIGRATION: Re-thinking Fatherhood and Manhood among Polish Migrant Fathers in Norway

Oleksandr Ryndyk 1
1 - VID Specialized University, Centre for Intercultural Communication, Stavanger (Norway)
2016; 17 (3):
ICID: 1231677
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 3.00
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Being the biggest ethnic minority group in Norway, Poles not only dominate in the labour
immigration, but also rank first on the list of family immigration to the country. At
the same time, the lack of research on parenting and gender roles among intra-European
migrant families may reflect that the Polish migrant families, who have migrated to Western
Europe after 2004, are culturally assumed to be more similar to the host countries’
populations. This article therefore aims at filling that gap by exploring the Polish migrant
fathers’ conceptualisations of fatherhood and manhood in the migratory context. This
article scrutinises the ways Polish migrant fathers interpret the perceived changes in their
parenting styles and practices after the emigration from Poland and settling with their
families in Norway. It identifies and discusses three main theoretical categories, developed
with the content analysis method: encountering work-life balance, re-evaluating family
life, child and parenting, and reconquering manhood.

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