The Social Phenomenon of Football: German ultras as political players?
An analysis of the protest against the ‘Secure Stadium Experience’

Christian Brandt 1, Fabian Hertel 2
1 - University of Bayreuth
2 - Centre for the Study of Football and its Communities in Manchester
2015; 16 (4):
ICID: 1189813
Article type: Case report
IC™ Value: 1.80
Abstract provided by Publisher
In 2011 in Egypt and in 2014 in Ukraine, ultras became a fundamental part of the protest
that lead to the change of the government. In Germany, protest of the ultras also became
a public topic at the end of 2012. They rebel against and act called Secure Stadium Experience.
We are looking for the reason of their protest. As football is highly related to identity,
we stress the theoretical concepts of a struggle for recognition. We would like to show how
they express their protest and how prominent the reasons for their struggle are. Therefore
we analyze three different spheres: official statements, actions, choreographies, and banners
they show, and finally, how they see themselves.
DOI: 10.5604/20842937.1189813

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