MUSIC AND MORALITY: Music and ethics. A survey of selected publications and standpoints.

Anna Koszewska 1
1 - Absolwentka Instytutu Muzykologii UAM
2015; 16 (3):
ICID: 1186006
Article type: Original article
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This study is, in its great part, a report on the search of arguments, ideas, reflections, and
opinions which can be helpful in specifying the author’s statements. Especially, writings
from the last several years have been taken into account: papers, collective works, articles,
reviews related to the problem of interactions between music and ethics. The selected
publications have been reviewed in the broad context of the so-called “ethical criticism”,
i.e. a new paradigm in the English and American literary and cultural studies.
Among the mentioned texts there are various works by Polish, French, English, German,
and other authors. A lot of space has been devoted to studies by Romanian scholars,
especially to the book by Romanian author Prof. Carmen Cozma Ethos of Music Art. Essays
in Moral Philosophy (2000). The most widely discussed work is the book Music and
Ethics by Nanette Nielsen and Marcel Cobussen (2012).
From this merely fragmentary and cursorily sketched review of the selected studies
and the points of view presented by their authors that concern the complicated and multidimentional
relations between music and ethics, one can come to a conclusion that it is
hardly possible to claim a significant primodal “ethical turn” in musicology. There is no
new “ethical” paradigm in musicology; only some inspirations are evidently present.
In the last place, the author mentioned her own research on the connections between
music and ethics, based on the anthropological thought of Karol Wojtyła and independent
of the “ethical criticism”. A musical comment and at the same time a final conclusion of the
text is given in the last bars of the third movement of Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia.
DOI: 10.5604/20842937.1186006

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