THE IDEA OF MAN AND DIVINITY IN ANTIQUITY PART II: Μέγιστον τῶν μετὰ Ἀλέξανδρον διαδεξαμένων τὴν ἀρχὴν βασιλέα: Arrian’s Judgment of Seleucus I Nicator (Anab. 7. 22. 5)

Bogdan Burliga 1
1 - Uniwersytet Gdański
2014; 15 (4):
ICID: 1138973
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 3.00
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The article deals with Arrian of Nicomedia’s high estimation of the king Seleucus (called
Nicator), a former officer in Alexander the Great’s army. Seleucus had created the greatest
– second to Alexander, in fact – empire and this is the main criterion by which he is
appreciated by the Bithynian historian and philosopher. It is the same criterion that Arrian
had adopted in evaluating Alexander’s achievements. ‘Greatness’ constituted thus, to put
it briefly, an old measure by which kings, commanders and eminent men were rated by
Greek historians.
DOI: 10.5604/20842937.1138973

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