MISCELLANEA  Repertory of contraception

Agnieszka Czerwińska-Osipiak 1, Anna Michalik 1, Jolanta Olszewska 1
1 -
2013; 14 (2):
ICID: 1097389
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Civilization and technological development forced a new perspective on issues of sexual
and reproductive health. (e concept of modern contraception is not only about how
to counteract the conception of a child, but moreover – conscious and responsible parenthood.
Despite the wide availability of birth control methods and thus e)ective family
planning possibilities, every year 80 million women have an unwanted pregnancy. Adopted
at the Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994) de'nition of reproductive
healt is based human rights and gender equality. It is de'ned as a state of complete
well-being in the physical, mental and social aspect, not only the absence of disease or in-
'rmities in all matters related to the reproductive system and to its functions or processes.
Duty of the state contained in Act on family planning, protection of the human fetus and
conditions of permissible abortion is the concern for life and health, including through
the recognition of the right of everyone to make responsible decisions about having children
and the right of access to information, education and counseling. (e purpose of this
article is to describe the methods and means of contraception available in Poland and also
to present the results of national studies on knowledge about contraception and its use.

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