MAGISTRI DOCENT  About some aspects of globalization

B.G. Nagornyj 1
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2008; 9 (1):
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1. The process of globalization could be considered a macrosocial process, which
has nonlinear development and latent components that display in definite period
of time. Besides, operative analysis of this process is complicated by precipitancy,
continuity and ambiguity.
2. Unipolar world, which started to form in 90th, beside the traditional groups of
„globalists” and „antiglobalists”, led to the mosaic contradictionary picture of the
world, where nonstandard conflicts are especially dangerous. Moreover, some
researchers, for instance A.I. Prigozhin, use term „world war 4” in the attempts
of analysis of Muslim extreme groups’ collision with the USA and European
3. Many researchers of globalization are inclined to conclude, that while entrained
in economical analysis of globalization consequences and formation of the international
job market, we missed not less important ecological, migrational and
especially spiritual problems of the contemporary mankind. More and more researchers
come to the conclusion, that it’s impossible to solve ripened problems
without overcoming dangerous degradation of whole nations and sharp decrease
of spirituality level.
4. On the background of the complicating global processes of essential modification
of many social groups’ and whole nations’ values takes place. Out of theoretical
category Durkheim’s anomy transformed into a practical reality, that representatives
of practically all social groups come across („many old values don’t work
any more, but the new ones still haven’t formed”), that’s why sociological researches
which trace changes of social values become especially actual.
5. In researches on globalization processes an important component is the analysis
of co-existence, antagonism, interference of certain national cultures and forming
global culture. Traditional research on the personality’s socialization gains new
sense. According to the mentioned circumstances, special significance is gained
by separate personality’s and social group’s saving most basic values and traditions,
together with mastering progressive elements, which could be taken from

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