FACES OF ART:  Witkacy: Portrait Company – Its Rules and Regulations

Beata Zgodzińska 1
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2013; 14 (1):
ICID: 1094037
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In 1925, Witkacy established his sole proprietorship Portrait Company “S.I. Witkiewicz”, which was run in accordance with particular regulations. Six out of seven types of portraits were designed for a broad clientele. He drew several thousand pictures of artists, doctors, officials, teachers, officers, bankers and industrialists. Basic prices ranged from 100 to 350 zloty, although the company also reduced prices to as little as 25 zloty for a portrait. Pictures of whole figures were more expensive, while individual portraits differed with respect to the degree of idealization, faithfulness or deformation of the portrayed person. Portrait type C, which was produced under the influence of stimulants, was excluded from commissions, had no price in the rules and regulations and was essentially intended for friends. The basic prices of the company’s portraits were relatively high in comparison to the cost of basic everyday items of necessity and even luxury products. Over the years, and despite changes to the colour of the paper, the portraits have maintained their enormous impact.
DOI: 10.5604/20842937.1094037

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