A PRACTICAL VIEW:  Activity of Resursa Rzemieślnicza [Craft Resursa] in Łódź
in 1911–1918

Magdalena J. Pawlak 1
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2009; 10 (1):
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Resursa Rzemieślnicza was founded in 1911. Since 1916 it functioned as Resursa Rzemieślnicza Chrześcijańska [Christian Craƒ Resursa], and – since February 2, 1919 – as Dom Rzemieślniczy Imienia Jana Kinińskiego [Jan Kiliński Craƒ House]. It gathered craƒsmen belonging to 16 out of 29 functioning guilds, as well as many outstanding personalities of Lodz of that time, like Wiktor Czajewski, a journalist of “Rozwój” daily, Alojzy Dworzaczek, a musican and August R. Fuhrujelm, the city architect. In the „rst years of Resursa activity four sections were formed: the singing, dramatic, music and bicycle sections. …ey organized music and declamatory concerts, thematic lectures, professional and hobby courses, tourist trips. Moreover, a library and theatre existed within the framework of Resursa. The biggest initiative of Resursa was the organization of the craƒ and industry exhibition, which was ceremoniously opened on July 17, 1912. It presented achievements and skills of the local community of craƒsmen and representatives of other centres of the Kingdom of Poland and the Russian Empire were among exhibitors. Financial means acquired from the exhibition partly covered the costs of construction of Resursa seat at 117 Widzewska St. (nowadays 123 J. Kiliński St.). …e Art Nouveau
building designed by A. R. Furuhjelm was opened in February 1914. During …e First Word War the activity of Resursa focused on mutual assistance and charity work and statutory activity was also sustained. Resursa continued its work following the regaining of independence by Poland and it still constituted an important element of the city’s social and cultural life.

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