ARCHITECTONIC OF KNOWLEDGE  Noble Path to Transformation of Minds and Social Classes? Notes on the Margins of Marx and Buddha Thoughts

Radosław Kossakowski Kossakowski 1
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2011; 12 (1):
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Karl Marx wished to show when it is possible to change the world instead of only describing it. Through the changing conditions of life, he watched for an opportunity to alter historical and social formations. As a result, the quality of human life would change, most particularly, in the case of the working class during the early periods of capitalism. He was concerned with the necessity of revolutions, for at that time only, would it be possible for the oppressed to obtain „class awareness”. In this article, Marx’s ideas are compared with the postulates of the spiritual teacher – Buddha. He also believed that the real source of happiness lies in leaving hitherto delusive thinking and in the transformation of the mind. Both of them highlighted the existence of the suffering, its causes, and also the ways in which it may be eliminated. In this text, the author attempts to gather and compare these perspectives, among others, with the use of metaphors derived from both Marxism and Buddhism.

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