ARCHITECTONIC OF KNOWLEDGE  Arche‑tectonic of Motherhood in Perinatal Discourse

Magdalena Gajewska 1
1 -
2011; 12 (1):
ICID: 1093912
Article type: Original article
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The phenomenon described in this article, as indicated by P. Bourdieu, concerns the way in which social actors create knowledge about pregnancy and motherhood. As they take part in the significant rite of passage that is the birth of the first child, they have to defer to discourse made available by medical “champ”. It is important to describe this process because the contemporary method of conduct does not prozob. us with an understanding of how the process of building knowledge about pregnancy, labour, and child‑carer bonding evolves both on an individual and system level. This article identifies the main judgements made both a priori and a posteriori with regard to the issue of pregnancy. This will allow me to study the phenomenon of pregnancy from a perspective of basic questions from the epistemology and sociology of knowledge.

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